Hurlbert CPA, LLC, is a firm that has been focused on providing assurance services for state regulatory commissions since 1996. We are the leader in performing audits of Universal Service Funds across the USA.  We also audit Telecommunication Relay Service Funds in multiple states.  Our personnel have experience in the telecom industry since 1981.

What Can We Offer You?

Regulatory assurance audits can help you achieve a wide variety of objectives, including assessing program effectiveness and results; internal control; review compliance with legal or other requirements; or objectives related to providing prospective analyses and guidance.We can provide you with a wide range of performance and compliance services, either as a preventative measure or when there are issues that need investigation. We will perform an objective and systematic assessment of programs, functions, or activities to help improve the specific program’s efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

Why We’re Different

We Have the Experience

Because of our experience in the regulatory audit field, we have a unique grasp of what is needed and will strive to provide the most effective audit.

We Have the People

Our people resources allow us to customize an audit team that specializes in your specific needs.